Terms & Conditions/Disclosure

At OTN, our tutors pride themselves in assisting students from all walks of life in order to achieve academic excellence. We promote Diversity and strongly encourage all students to reach their successful goals. Our faculty, staff, and administration are totally committed in this great endeavor. We also require that each student that has purchased our services become familiar with the Academic Honor System. OTN requires that students be able and willing to accept the rights and responsibilities of Honorable Conduct. Both as a matter of personal integrity, as well as a commitment to the values of which the College or University the student is attending commits itself. The student commitment to uphold the values of honor, honesty, trust, respect, fairness and responsibility are essential to anyone who wishes to utilize the tools and services of higher learning provided by OTN.

At our academy, the Services we provide are for “Research Purposes Only”. Results are not guaranteed. OTN offers no warranties or representations about results. Student is solely responsible for their performance on any test or exam, any particular class, and/or potential success in any area based on the purchase of our recommended techniques.

By accepting the aforementioned, the Purchaser hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Terms & Conditions, along with our Disclosure. The Purchaser has read the provisions thereof, and accepts subject to all.

Refund Policy

We provide our customers with refunds upon request. If you would like to request a refund, please request it directly through your portal and we will immediately return the funds to your account.

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